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Steel Targets

Steel Target Overview

You CAN buy higher quality and value….and at a less expensive price! At Patriot Products, LLC, YOU can choose the style of target you prefer.

  • Reversible Style - Allows you to flip the target around if desired. (This style does have protruding bolt heads which some may feel affects the safety and durability.)
  • Welding Style - Gives you a flat, smooth shooting surface. (Some feel welds may break over time. Patriot Targets utilizes Digital GMAW Welding coupled with modern low-hydrogen materials to produce the strongest welds achielvable. We further post-process heat treat the targets after welding to make this the strongest welded target you can buy!)
  • Patriot Style - Flat smooth shooting surface, NO Welding! – NO Protruding Bolts! Our ingenious method of target mounting will give you many, many years of steel target shooting. Once you have this style of mounting you will have the safest, non-welded superior steel target you can buy!
Don’t be stuck with what they sell you, choose what you want to buy! Only at Patriot Targets!
Stay with us as we continue to grow to see more product details on the items below. We can also design targets that are not currently shown on our website. Our 3D-Poppers, Auto-Poppers, Reactive-Steel, Gravity-Reset, Dueling-Sniper, and Specialty-Targets custom images reflect just some of the finished products that we provide to our clients.